Unite two domains & Sodium protection question


I have two domains for minecraft server and i want connect them to CloudFlare with same options.
Also i want to buy Spectrum protection “Pro plan”. But if i connect two domain splited to clouflare i must be pay for each. Can i connect two my domains with same options and pay once? Or maybe redirect one domain to another?

And i have a question about Minecraft Spectrum. It says “5GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees”. But my servers use 1.5 TB monthly data… I dont think that i must pay ~1.5 k EUR. So maybe 5GB limit for something else? Please describe what limit means and how does it work…

You must. The usage billing is quite clear on exceeding 5GB in a month.

Given the above billing situation, I don’t think the extra $20 is your biggest concern.