Unique visitors


I’ve had CF for a site for several years after it started getting many many hots per day - WAY more than what it should have. Currently it’s getting almost 18,000 unique visitors per day. I know this site would only get about 300-400 unique vitas per day, if that. Does this mean the site is under attack? It’s been getting 600,000 request per month. There’s no way this site would get that many requests. CF seems to be doing its job and limiting the traffic that is hitting the web server, but it’s just odd that this much traffic would be coming to this site for several years and hasn’t subsided. Could it be that their competitor is trying to flood them? It’s really odd.


Cloudflare counts every new request from different ips as unique visitor, which may include crawling bots aswell. Thats why we see this much amount of unique visitors…

And the request count includes even the css, js and every other request.

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I understand that every new request is counted, but I have several other domains and none of them get anything near this many hits by bots or whatever is doing it. So did this one domain get on the bot radar for some reason and they’ve never let up?

I could try adding another one of my domains to see if it’s getting this many hits, but the web server doesn’t seem to be impacted with bot hits like it was when I moved this first domain to CF.