"Unique visitors" much higher than the actual amount of my site

Hello guys,

In my Cloudflare dashboard, under “Overview”, it shows the amount of “Unique Visitors” much higher than what Google Analytics presents.

Why is the number of visitors presented by Cloudflare so much higher than that of GA?

Thank you and I look forward to it,

GA shows visitors that execute JS and do not have Google trackers blocked (which nowadays is common).
Cloudflare shows all the visitors that hit your site independently from whether they executed JS or not.

Hi @jnperamo Thanks for your response.

So are Cloudflare’s numbers more real than GA’s?
Or does Cloudflare count everything, even visitors who didn’t actually view my site, that is, they accessed a page on my site, but left before the page fully loaded, but Cloudflare counted it as a visitor?