Unique Visitors Metrics Last 24 Hrs


I have a question about Cloudflare’s metric of last hour, 24 hours and 30 days unique visitors…

In the following graphic:

I notice he says i has 1.34k visitors in the last 24 hours, but looking at the graph every hour, I average 120-200 visitors every hour.

Adding 100 x 24 hours, in the worst case the value of the last 24 hours would have to hit 2.4k visitors, how could he says i got only 1.34k?

If I’m wrong about the data, can someone explain to me how it calculates the last 24 hours? Because seeing each hour the value does not match. The samething ocours on last 30 days metric.

Thanks in advance!

It looks a bit confusing, or perhaps poorly labeled, but the chart line seems to show actual visitors every hour, while the total to the left shows “Unique Visitors” for the 24-hour period. If a visitor comes back within 24 hours, it will not be counted twice under Unique Visitors, but will be counted and shown in the hourly chart.


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