Unique Visitor Stats


I’m just curious as to the difference reported by Cloudflare and something like Wordpress for unique users. Cloudflare for last 30 days says 28,000 unique IPs. Wordpress stats try to restrict to just humans (not sure how they do that) but for last 30 days they say around 5,000. I also run Wordfence in somewhat aggressive manner blocking off their blacklist. Maybe Cloudflare has a similar firewall/blocking list and I don’t have it turned on.



I think this guide might help explain the differences https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200171296-Why-do-my-Cloudflare-traffic-numbers-look-different-than-other-services-Google-Compete-as-well-as-my-own-log-files-

Google Analytics and other web-based analytics programs track visitors that trigger JavaScript. As a result, threats, bots and automated crawlers are not recorded since these visitors typically do not trigger JavaScript. These services also don’t track visitors who leave a page before it is fully loaded or have Javascript disabled. Cloudflare tracks all of your traffic by requests, so your Cloudflare visitor number is most likely higher.

Keep in mind: Cloudflare can only track visitors that go through the Cloudflare system, which is represented by an orange cloud on your DNS settings page. Cloudflare will not count traffic in our reports for DNS entries we are not proxying. Also, we can only proxy information going over certain ports, so not all subdomains would be calculating our bandwidth measurements.


Thanks. Very helpful and makes sense. Good to know a raw load factor but also the relevant components of it. A couple of times I just blocked entire IP ranges from Russia and other countries just to eliminate the variable given its low value.