Unique_client_id failure on iPhone

Hello everyone,

I am currently testing with an iPhone and have the problem that the posture check regarding “unique_client_id” on an iPhone fails and does not return a value.

Does anyone else have this problem?
It is the latest version of the Cloudflare One app from the Apple Appstore, downloaded today.

Does nobody really use it?

All I need is a statement as to whether it is a general problem with the Posture Check Unique Client ID on iOS 17.1.1 in conjunction with Cloudflare One or whether I’d better open a support case because it is something individual.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

How did you assign the UUID?

iOS is supported

in the appropriate modes.

Hello @cscharff,

we use a supported mode, Gateway with WARP.

The possibly crucial point is that you have to “assign” a UUID. Really? Assign?

I must have been misled, because for me every device “naturally” has a UUID (Device ID) and this is also displayed in Cloudflare Zero Trust.

I mean, if it is the case that you have to explicitly assign a UUID, why does every device in Cloudflare display a device ID? Is this an error or have I simply made the wrong assumption that the device ID is not the same as the UUID?

Does this also mean that I have virtually no other option on mobile devices when deploying without MDM and cannot uniquely identify a device? Is my assumption correct or am I missing something?

There is no option to read out the device ID of an iPhone, for example, in a Posture Check, right, if the device ID is not equal to the UUID?

My goal is simply to be able to filter an iPhone in a firewall rule in Gateway, for example, using a list.

Thanks for the answer anyway!

Hello everyone,

just to give some feedback.

With Intune and the corresponding XML Config it works as expected.

It was my mistake to assume that the UUID can simply be read without MDM.

Thanks to @cscharff for the hint.

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