Unintended sideeffect of changes to the API? (v2)

The particular route in question is the v2/direct_upload endpoint. Just as of yesterday, it accepted post requests without any parameters set, as it is specified in the (documentation). As of today, requests without any parameters specified result in the following error:

ERROR 5415: Images must be uploaded as a form, not as raw image data. Please use multipart/form-data format

Is it the intended behaviour, and if it is, could it please be specified somewhere in the API documentation (or could developers get notified about the changes)? If not, could it please be fixed?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: It seems that there have been more changes to the API, such as that the id field that is returned from the Direct Upload Response is not the id of the image that ends up in the storage.


Same here.
This should have been announced beforehand…

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Same here!?

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sorry, the issue was identified and it’s going to be fixed soon Images Creater Direct Upload - #3 by AlexSemi

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This has been fixed, sorry again for inconvenience

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Thank you! :smiley:

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