Unidentified Spike In Visitors Same Time Each Day

Hi - At the same time everyday (usually 9AM or 4PM), I get a spike in visitors for only one hour, and the analytics area tells me it’s the same amount of visitors at these same times each day (usually 40 or 50)

Just want to know if anyone has any insight on why this happens or can give any explanation?

(Is it normal, or something malicious? And is it some kind of bot, etc?)

Thank you -

Hi @sela,

There is no information except for that graph you have provided for the community to provide any insight.

I would suggest, checking your Origin logs to see what kind of requests you are getting, the user agents, and what is being requested to form your own conclusions.

You may take further actions based on your analysis.
The analytics are a general overview and the exact requests will be logged at your Origin.

Cloudflare dashboard hopes provide an ‘alert’ for your to check your Origin at this point if you do not have extensive logging at your end.

Thank you.

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