Unexplained Traffic surge from Google Chrome

Traffic has surged from 50,000 to 2 million. www.biographyonline.net
In statcounter, it seems they cam from ordinary webpages, but no sign of a link.
My host says they are not bot traffic but can’t explain what is going on.

(All new traffic is windows/Google Chrome

If anyone can point me to company which specialises in dealing with would be willing to pay professional to investigate

it can be ddos attack or your site got more popular, for a clear answer you will need to take a look at the server access log to analyze the requests and see how they look like and what they are doing

for a quick fix solutions:
you can raise your security level to “i am under attack”
there is also paid service called “rate limiting” that can help you in case its ddos(firewall-> rate limiting)

if you have access to your access log and you know how to analyze it:

  1. set up custom firewall rules to block the attack
  2. set up Access Rules blocks to block ips
  3. set better caching rules to cache everything you can(including html)

in case its real traffic and your site just got popular… your only solution is:
caching or scaling your server

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