Unexplained increase in traffic from one country

Yesterday the traffic to my site increased for just one country. This is very abnormal. However the requests to the server remained the same and Google Analytics and Ads statistics are not increased so it doesn’t seem like real requests. I don’t see anything eventful on social media which would increase the traffic.

I enabled a captcha and then just a JS detection but this didn’t reduce the number of requests.

Could this be a specific attack on cloudflare? It seems like it is just requesting cached resources. I have the free plan so I cannot see what resources are being accessed. Any ideas what to try?

Country / Region Traffic
Israel 9,689,299
United States 814,946
Netherlands 634,340
Canada 212,398
China 155,913

I suppose you could be daring and put your zone into Development Mode and watch your server logs. That amount of traffic should stand out. Be sure to turn Dev Mode off when you’re done, otherwise you’ll get the full three hours of no caching.


I just tried that and I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Nothing to explain this increase. The Apache Status statistics should capture all connections and there wasn’t a big enough increase to see the expected 166 requests/second based on the plot showing 600k/hour.


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