Unexpectedly, the site is no longer available when requested via cloudflare

Today the site is no longer accessible through the cloudflare proxy.
If I edit my hostfile and direct the domain directly to the webserver IP, the site is displayed.
The site works through port 2096, yesterday I will abandon it
the site was available, today - no.
Sites are not parked on the main domain.
I can’t divulge the domain name due to security reasons.

I have now removed the entries for the main domain. They were not relevant, maybe this is the reason?

Not disclosing the domain name makes it more difficult to help and more items you will need to check yourself. Also “no longer accessible” is very vague. Do you get a browser error page like this site cannot be found, a cloudflare error page, or anything?

Without knowing what entries you deleted, it’s probably a safe bet if you deleted them and then it broke, that they are related.

The fact you can reach it by editing your host file means at least the web server appears to be functional.
If you use an online tool like https://dnschecker.org/ to query for “sub.domain.com”, do you get any response? If you don’t, I would double check the subdomain exists within your cloudflare dash (visible as “sub”). Recreate it if needed, you can recover what it used to be from Audit Logs as well.
Review audit logs · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs
If the online tool indicates it exists, then it would be helpful if you could include the error page/any information you get when trying to visit it.
If the online tool indicated it doesn’t exist, but in your dashboard it does, likely something is wrong with your domain. I would check whois for it, make sure your registrar hasn’t changed nameservers/frozen it, etc.
If you recreated it, it exists now, but it’s still not working, I would wait a bit for DNS Cache / Propagation.

Any extra details would also be helpful

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