Unexpected token errorr with custom domain

Hello all,

I’m creating a blockchain app with Vite + React + Moralis.

After several trials, i tought i had reached my final product:
→ No mistakes or errors when running npm run dev
→ No mistakes or errors when running npm run build and npm run preview
→ No mistakes or errors when uploading everything on Cloudflare 174af412.frontendv3-dtc.pages.dev/markets with npx wrangler pages publish dist

→ Nevertheless, when adding a custom domain libor.finance , white screen, impossible to load the website because of this error:

Screenshot from 2022-09-19 11-52-53

I have no ideas where it can come from. I appreciate all your suggestions in advance.

Hello there,

I see the website that’s loading well. This is what I see:

I hope you’ve fixed that! Please check the Moralis version. I think its not the latest version which you are in. Most recent ver 2.4.0.

How did you solved this issue?

I had the same issue with vue project, It’s solved after deleting and recreating the subdomain again