Uneeded DNS records?



I am wondering, generally, what records are needed and what records are not needed in the DNS settings of CloudFlare?

I know I must need the A record for my domain, and the Cname record for my www. alias, and ftp but not sure about the following:

A record- cpanel
A record- webdisk
A record- whm

I can’t help but wondering if some of these records are not needed, or at least not needing to be orange clouded, and could be there only because of the hosting change but I have no idea.

Thank you for the help!


You probably want to keep the cpanel one for easy access to your cpanel. It should probably be :grey:. It seems that if it’s :orange:, some resources seem to load improperly, or not load at all.

I’d get rid of web disk and whm. Sometimes it even picks up stuff like calendar and contacts subdomains that cPanel adds.

Just to be on the safe side, I’d take a screen shot of the existing DNS records in case you want to put them back later.

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