Undo DNS change


We accidentally made a change to one of the IP addresses in our DNS settings page. Is there someway to undo the change? Or look up what the setting was a day ago or so?


Have a look into your audit log.
It’s not easy to find something there. But a CSV export and Excel or Libre Office Calc could help.


Audit logs show actions taken in your account. For IP changes, look for ‘A set’ in the action column, click the blue pointer for details. Here’s a great article, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002833612-How-do-I-use-Audit-Logs- Let us know if you find the info you’re looking for.


Huh, cool deal! I thought it would only show the new address, but I just checked something I did yesterday and it showed my the old value. :smile:

By the say, the Audit Log is at the top of your screen at the main Cloudflare dashboard screen at dash.cloudflare.com


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