Undo 301 Redirect

Hi friends,

In an attempt to have my site redirect to another URL I found this cloudflare document that showed me a way of doing so with workers;

After I deployed this code in a worker I realized that the code was meant for a permanent redirect (301). Now my website redirects to google every time I try to go on it. I tried deleting this worker and deploying other workers, but I just get google every time I try to access my website. All I want is control over my website again and to undo this permanent redirect.

Let me know what actions I could take to figure this out. I have no clue what I should do.


This will only happen for users that have already visited the page. You can affirm that it’s not an issue by opening an incognito/private browsing session and loading the page.

If you want to have it affect your current browser, see

That is what I needed! Thanks so much!

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