Understanding why all requests are not getting cached

Hello there
Please read the information given below properly to understand my conerns

Main Issue -

All my css, JS & static files are not getting cached.

Suspected Issue -

I am also using apache page speed module so I think maybe that might be the issue but since the pages-red file doesn’t change frequently then too the file doesn’t get cached is my concern.

My Server Config -

  • Ubuntu
  • Apache
  • Maria DB
  • Redis Object Cache

Major Plugins that I use -

  • WP Super Cache
  • Insecure content fixer
  • Page speed module
  • Redis Object cache plugine

And also I have used ignore query strings in Cloudflare but even that doesn’t help much still 40-50% of my requests are still not getting cached.

My website -

I’m not always a good reader, but I’ll take your request into consideration.

Your www hostname (which is proxied by Cloudflare) redirects to just sleepycat.in, and that hostname is not proxied by Cloudflare. That’s why your requests are not getting cached.

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