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Hi, I am a little confused about the urls that may be used to try to reach my sites. If I consistently have only ever used https://mydomain.com or https://www.mydomain.com, do I need to worry at all that people might try to use http://www.mydomain.com? I have the redirection set in the Crypto section of Cloudflare.

I know this next point isn’t really a Cloudlfare question, but to illustrate my ignorance and confusion, when it comes to configuring Google Search Console, do I need to include all of the following properties:
my domain.com

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In general it’s good to include all of those properties (except for the bottom two, you must use http or https in the search console), but in my experience Google won’t index www.example.com, http://example.com or http://www.example.com if they all redirect to https://example.com.

Once you have all 4 properties added to Search Console, check to make sure they are redirecting properly.
You can check them here: https://varvy.com/tools/redirects/
Note the correct result should be 3 redirects and no redirect for your final destination.

Thanks both of you. Do I need to supply separate sitemaps for each url?

No. Once you have all 4 sites added, go to Site Settings and choose your Preferred Domain. Then submit your sitemap for that url.

Thanks Brian

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