Understanding Reported Metrics vs Settings

Hi there,

This is probably a noob question, and I’m not sure if this category is where it belongs or not. I’m having a hard time understanding what’s being reported vs what I have set up on my account. I’m using the free account, so I have a limited amount of details I’m able to see. I have three websites, all settings are the same (well, slightly different cache lengths). Two are hosted through Amazon S3, just static files with Cloudflare just having a cname passthrough for @ and WWW. Third is an Amazon Cloudsail WP instance.

  1. SSL - my settings are site wide, “Always use HTTPS” and have always been. However, when I look in the SSL tab, I see a lot of the traffic is unencrypted. I’m assuming this is initial request being HTTP which is then redirected, am I correct?

  2. Firewall - I added a single rule, Country != US => Block. Traffic from outside the US is likely spam traffic in my case, so I just exclude it. Looking at the monthly reports however, I have a significant number of requests that are non-US. Again, is this a number of requests in general, but they’re all blocked?

  3. Caching - two sites haven’t changed in over a year (WP is newer), settings in Cloudflare are cache for a month. In my stats, I see that 80% of my bandwidth is uncached. Are these bad/404 type requests? Are that many unique, new requests getting through?

Attaching all of these as a single image, I’m a new poster so apparently I can only add one image per post. Sorry for the mess.

Looking for help reconciling the two things in my head. Thanks in advance.