Understanding Page Rules

I'd like the wildcard advice on how to forward to a new (set of) pages. Can someone confirm if this will work properly.
Page Rule =
Target: https://mydomain.com/*
Forwarding: https://mydomain.com/blog/$1

Example =
Target: https://mydomain.com/matching-title-here/
My more specific question is if the $1 attribute will match ANY found matches in my blog article titles?
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Your Page Rule will trigger the example as shown…except:

The problem is that your wildcard also matches the destination, so you may get stuck in a loop. One trick may be to create a page rule above that one that matches mydomain.com/blog/* with a setting such as “Browser Integrity Check=ON”.

Now anything in /blog/ won’t trigger on the second rule because matching would stop at the first rule.

I found the setting, thank you. I’m confused however, in how that actually works. My target (old) url did not include the ‘/blog/’ portion, and was shortened to the ‘/matching-title-here/’. So I’m trying to grab all of those and forward them to the longer URL version with ‘/blog/’ prefix. Thanks again in advance.

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