Understanding page rules hierarchy

Here’s here I’m understanding page rules…am I correct?

Pages rules ought be ordered from most specific to least specific - because only one rule per page will get launched. In other words - for example - you’d want something like…

1: domain.com/user/registration
2: domain.com/user/* (to cover all paths under user other than /registration)
3: domain.com/* (to cover everything but the user paths)

and any rule you want on all variations needs to be assigned to each one. So say you want IP Geolocation across the site, it needs to be explicitly defined in each page rule.

Is that right?

That order is absolutely correct. Once it triggers a rule, it won’t go down to the other rules.

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Gracias :slight_smile:

So - by extension…if I wanted to redirect the non-www version I’d begin with that…

1: domain.com/*
redirect to www
2: Begin www rules


You can turn IP Geolocation ON for the whole zone on the Dashboard > Network app, no need to include that in each page rule.

Settings set via Dashboard apply to the whole zone (domain and all subdomains). You can think of page rules as rules that set exceptions to what is set on the dashboard.

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