Understanding "Networks" Limit on ZTNA Free Plan

Hello, I was wondering if someone could explain the limit on Network Locations on the ZTNA Free Plan.

The pricing page says that it is limited to 3 network locations. Is this referring to “Gateway Locations” that I created?

If so, is this only defined networks with an IPv4 source address associated, or does it also include networks that do not have one defined (DOH and ipv6 only).

My reason for asking is that it seems to let me create more than 3… will this result in me being billed, or would I receive some kind of notice that I need to update my plan?

I was not able to find any clarification on this limit. It is listed on the plan comparison page, but in the subscription page it only lists number of users.


Locations refers to the ones you’ve found under Gateway which you configure for DNS filtering. https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/connections/connect-networks/locations/

DNS filtering for up to 3 locations

I wouldn’t expect that it lets you go over 3 on a free plan though - you shouldn’t be billed for anything since there’s no usage-based billing, only additional licenses that you can add to your plan which you’d be charged for pro-rated.

Thanks, those links provide some more clarity. It definitely did allow me to create a fourth location, but maybe it would have raised a flag of some sort if I was actually using it.

I most likely don’t need more than 3, but wasn’t sure if that was indeed what was being referred to, since there didn’t seem to be an actual limit being enforced.