Understanding HTTP2 Multiplexing Behavior

As I understand it, the Cloudflare proxy communicates with the origin server over HTTP/1.1 (Stackoverflow). However, the Cloudflare proxy supports incoming browser connections over HTTP/2. How does Cloudflare proxy multiplex the incoming HTTP/2 requests into HTTP/1.1 requests? Does Cloudflare proxy issue multiple HTTP/1.1 requests for each inbound HTTP/2 request? Does it do so in parallel, or serially?

I see a lot of HTTP/2.0 requests to my origin from Cloudflare, so I suspect that Stackoverflow information is out of date.

AFAIK, Cloudflare still only speak to origins via HTTP/1.1. Only time HTTP/2 is involved is if you are using Cloudflare Tunnels - then CF Edge speaks with cloudflared installed daemon on origin via HTTP/2 or QUIC but then cloudflared to origin is still HTTP/1.1.

Haven’t really checked, I’d assume it’s in a limited parallel (capped) request capacity.

edit: ok I vaguely recall CF did trial test HTTP/2 to origin connections on some customer sites - they never really announced it publicly as a full rollout though. So maybe they are still testing?

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