Understanding Firewall challenge for countries (not working?)


I have set up firewall rules to give all visitors a JS challenge unless there coming from either Belgium or The Netherlands:

But, whatever country my website is visited from, either is Belgium, the Netherlands or any other country.
Everyone gets the JS challenge (i get the checking page from cloudflare before I get redirected to my site).

Is this normal behavior? I would expect people from the 2 allowed countries would go to my website directly without having Cloudflares checking page.

Your expression is incorrect, as it would require a request to come from Belgium and the Netherlands at the same time, which of course is not possible.

You’ll either need and or best use is not in instead.

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Aha! Oh wow,
I’m sorry. I got it all wrong then and I feel extremely dumb atm :slight_smile:

Thanks for your anwser!

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