Understanding Cloudflare T&C regarding non-HTML content

Hi all,
I am new to cloudflare and trying to understand few things. I have read cases where people got their services suspended due to violation of T&C and don’t want to be in the same boat.

I am working on serverless application in AWS and will be using AWS S3 to serve static files and images for my website which i believe is by default cached and considered valid. For dynamic content I will be using cloudflare to proxy to API gateway. Static web is fine but I am confused if API/Rest services considered valid traffic if i use cloudflare to proxy my API. Does anyone know how much bandwidth a day is considered reasonable under free/pro plan ?Initially not much but down the line i am expecting it to be 10-20GB/day.

Many thanks.


Thanks for your response and i have gone through that thread. I am still not sure is what is non-html traffic , like if serving images on a site that host resultant and menu items is that an acceptable case ? Also if I proxy cloudflare for my rest API , is JSON acceptable case too ? Also 10-20GB/day is acceptable range for free/pro plan ?

Not legal advice and I am not speaking on behalf on Cloudflare, I don’t take responsibility if something different were to happen.

I would say a few GBs or tens of GBs per day it’s not an issue.

Thank you @matteo My understanding is the same. Can you define what is non-html traffic ? Section 2.8 is really not clear and I am not sure if porxy API which normally use Json data is a valid case.

That is a difficult question to answer… the best bet would be everything that is outside the scope of rendering a page. Not totally clear, though. They said they are going to update that section…