Understanding cloudflare pricing?

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Looking at the pro plan and from what i read in this form Cloudflare pricing is based on user and a user can have unlimited websites. However when i add a website that price option is asking me to upgrade a website which doesnt make sense please help me understand only if you are 100% sure about this.

Lets say i have 2 websites in my account and i am currently on free plan if i upgrade to pro plan will both websites i host with Cloudflare will be on the 20$/month pro plan or only 1 website will be upgraded?


Those plans are per zone and not per account. Each zone could have a different plan.

Hi @zwds1978

what is a zone?

if i have 10 websites and i want all 10 websites to benefit from pro plan how much will i pay 20$/month or 200$/month.


When viewing Home/Websites in your Cloudflare dashboard, you’ll see all the zones listed for your account. If you had 3 zones there, for example:

Each zone would have its own individual plan. If you wanted all 3 to be on the Pro plan, you’d purchase the Pro plan for each of them individually. So, in this example, it would be $20×3=$60 for all 3 to be on the Pro plan.

Hi @zwds1978

thanks for the amazingly fast response! So in Cloudflare dasboard>websites i see list of websites i have added. What is a zone is it a fancy name for domains or websites i am hosting with Cloudflare?

what if I upgrade to pro plan and want all my websites to benefit from the same plan without paying additional charges. Since clouflare mention unlimited sites in pro plan.

will i be able to benefit more than 1 website/domain on pro plan without paying additional for each website?


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Each domain listed at Home/Websites (cloudflare.com) would have its own individual plan. Each of the domains listed there would be referenced as a zone.

Hi @jwds1978

In that case what does Cloudflare means by saying unlimited sites? I think it is misleading.

Also some one suggested Cloudflare pages pricing is per account and not per zone CloudFlare Pages Pricing - #4 by adaptive

I think i also failed to mention what i meant is the upgrade for Cloudflare pages.


Cloudflare Pages currently inherits your highest zone - if you have a Pro zone, your account has ‘Pro’ Cloudflare Pages.


Hi @KianNH

Got it so if i have 2 or 200 websites hosted on Cloudflare when i upgrade to pro i pay 20$/month and not 20$/website hosted on Cloudflare pages correct?


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