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Hi there,

just started to use Cloudflare pages, now coming from netlify and GitHub pages. I am still struggling to understand if I can host client websites on the free GitHub pages. it say unlimited website but is it referring to the personal website or business websites.

can I host 3-4 client websites along with mine on Cloudflare pages or the website have to be my personal or buisness website to host on Cloudflare pages.

if some of you the older users of Cloudflare pages can provide an answer to if is should host client website here or no that will be greatly appreciated.

  1. Cloudflare pages is free only for personal website
  2. one can host personal blog/website and a buisness website
  3. I can host my website along with gf, relatives or friends website who have no idea on how to create or host a website
  4. I can host all website even for the paying clients.

thanks in advance for taking the time

I meant Cloudflare pages

Yep! We are perfectly fine with commercial and non-commercial :slight_smile:
You can do everything you’d like to do with no issues at all! I’d maybe just check what plan you need (https://pages.dev for info on them). We currently use the highest zone level to determine plan so if you have a Pro zone that’ll be the Pro plan, etc.

(for ref: Work on the Pages team - just not on my work laptop)

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thanks @WalshyMVP for such a quick and helpful response.

I only see these 2 limitations on the free plan

  • 1 build at a time
  • 500 builds per month

which I will never even come close to at the moment, but I am wondering there might be some catch or hidden fee here. It cannot be free to just come and host as many websites you want for free. So what is the catch here, I mean there have to be something.

I am getting free hosting from private repository automatically built and served from a CDN. what I should need to know as a beginner on Cloudflare pages other than what is visible and advertise on the website. what traps or walls I can run into when using free pages


Ah then you’re good! The catch is the limits you outlined :stuck_out_tongue:
We really do not have any hidden fees or catches. Just like the rest of Cloudflare, we have a very generous free plan because we can do that.

I’d say just make sure to read the docs and if you have any issues at all please let me know over on Discord (Cloudflare Developers). You should hopefully have a great experience though, we serve files on edge so the site is super quick. We support GitHub/GitLab and auto-deploy for you.

The only thing I’d maybe say is the builds can be a little slow currently, the current pipeline takes a while to start. We’re currently in beta with a new pipeline which is much faster.
We’re still new to the game but we’re working hard to make our product the best out there :slight_smile:

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thanks alot @WalshyMVP you have answer all my doubts in few minutes thanks for taking the time.

I realise this, I understand it being slow the first time around 10-12 minutes just to setup the environment for Hugo. But why it is not fast the second time seems like it is rebuilding again from the beginning instead of have some use of cache of the previous build.

but other than that loving the experience

thanks for creating this new amazing pages feature.

Yeah so 2 things are currently slowing down the builds (we’re actively working on this):

  1. The pipeline takes ~2:30 mins to start (we’re in beta with a new pipeline - let me know if you want to be added. The beta makes this ~3 seconds on average)
  2. No build caching - This is something we’ll be working on soon, no ETAs but trust us we know it’s needed

Trust me, we will soon be the best Jamstack host out there.

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Hi @WalshyMVP

thanks for clarifying this for me, and giving the trust I required to move past the what is the catch stage :slight_smile:

not necessary as I am just starting to explore Cloudflare pages. I hope until I am ready it will be released already.

the next step for me the Pro plan


  • 5 concurrent builds
  • 5,000 builds per month
  • Unlimited sites
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited bandwidth

just to be sure it is per user correct as there is no mention of this on pricing page?


It’s tied to your account so per account. Doesn’t matter how many people are added to the account or how many people are collaborators on GitHub/GitLab.

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