Understanding cloudflare pages Pricing

Hi there,

Looking at the Cloudflare pages is there any performance benefit when upgrading as the only difference i see is “concurrent builds” and “builds per month”.

I think pages are too slow that i have to migrate away to a simple vps which loads faster than the Cloudflare pages hosting at this moment for my websites. Are there any gurantees of faster load time when upgrading to pages pro or pages business?


Cloudflare simply closed this post instead of providing an aswer to if the pages premium plans are worth or help speed loading time other than the build time difference. But seems like there is nothing else other thanbuild time in the pages hosting

Like @Erisa told you 5 minutes ago on another post:

It should not, but might if you use a custom domain and have users in regions deprioritised by free plan (Australia and Korea I think are two).

Hi @zegevlier

if you have an issue with my post dont jump in. @Erisa pointed the posibility so i made this seperate post as it is a seperate topic to verify if there is any added benefit for page loading when it comes to premium?

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