Understanding Cloudflare is hard? I need help

Can someone go through the settings together with me according to my needs? I have made settings but I’m not sure if it’s all correct.

The correct settings depend on your setup. Is there something specific you want to achieve? The defaults are usually fine with a few notable exceptions:

  1. You should change your encryption mode to Full (strict) in the SSL/TLS tab, otherwise your website will not be secure. You must have a valid SSL certificate or a Cloudflare Origin Certificate installed on your webserver for this to work.
  2. You must create a Page Rule with Cache Level → Cache Everything if you want HTML to be cached, as Cloudflare only caches static files by default. However, you will now have to purge Cloudflare’s cache when you update the content on your website.
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Hello Albert, thank you very much for getting in touch. I’m really happy about it. I advertise on Google Adwords and as soon as I turn on advertising, one comes to my page from Berlin and then he sends me users from all over Germany to the site. Although I only advertise in western Germany. I have excluded all other locations at adwords. Every time the ad is on, he comes first to the page from Berlin (how does he see it so quickly?) And after that nothing works anymore. I’m also afraid he may have hacked our site. I give hundreds of euros a day for advertising and it causes unnecessary costs through fake users. Google adwords can’t filter it out. Then I came to Cloudflare with the hope that maybe Cloudflare can do something about it. I chose Business Option directly. What would you do? Do you think we can do it?

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