Understanding Cloudflare CDN

Hey there,

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Cloudflare’s free CDN. I’ve started managing my domains through Cloudflare.

I have a Linux VM running Nginx and some nodejs applications as well. From reading over the help docs in Cloudflare it appears like I need not make any code modifications for Cloudflare to start caching my static assets. I was wondering how this works exactly or if someone could suggest some resources on understanding how this works in the lifecycle of a request?

What I’m thinking at the moment is that if someone requests /image.png Cloudflare if it has the asset cached will just respond with the image without passing on the actual request to the server because it’s seen it before. Is this how it works?

Appreciate your patience in this - cheers!


Cloudflare is pretty transparent. It is a proxy service that enhances your existing site. It will cache static assets after the first hit, and store that asset for a period of time.

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