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Hello Team…
I’m new to Cloudflare and I am trying to implement some changes for a client. before I tell them they need to purchase a plan I would like to understand a bit more about the platform.

They are moving their website from “Host A” to Kajabi. The new website is already built on Kajabi but the Kajabi platform adds /blog to the URL of blog posts and that can’t be changed. They want to do redirects from the old blog URL to the new blog URL since they don’t want to lose the SEO they have built.

They have approximately 24 blog posts they wish to do this with. Is there a way to configure a redirect so that I don’t need to enter 24 separate entries for these blog posts. They really don’t want to bu a plan if they don’t need to or even go past the Pro plan level if they can at all get around it. All they’d be using CF for is redirections within Kajabi.

I ready something on wildcards with redirects but I’m not sure if this would apply to our case. To summaries…they want to redirect

http://website.com/blog-post-name to http://website.com/blog/blog-post-name

Can anyone please help me understand if this can be done with a wildcard and not needing to do 24 separate redirects? Thank you


Short answer: No.

Any wildcard matching that could include all their posts would also include all URLs that are not posts.

You could create a Page Rule with a Forward URL setting for:

FROM: example.com/*
TO: example.com/blog/$1

But for this to work properly you’d have to create separate page rules for each of the pages that are NOT blog posts, with some setting that are not Forward URL and place them above the previous one, so that the general redirection rule does not apply here. (Only one page rule applies to any given request)

FROM: example.com/contact-us/
With some setting, and place this rule above the previous one.

Otherwise any other page on their site would be redirected as blog pages. Depending on the number of the pages they have that are NOT blog posts, that could result in many separate rules to add as exception to the rule above.

Your options are: (a) buy more page rules (first 3 are free, then $5 per month per 5 extra rules), or (b) subscribe to Workers ($5 per month for up to 10 million requests), then create a worker that will do the redirects for the 24 blog posts.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful and insightful reply. I didn’t know about the workers option. I will definitely look into it. Client is nervous they have to but the business pack which is $200/month . Was worth looking into

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A 301 (“permanent change”) redirect is the instructions completed when the request enters the server, and they are redirected to another page. The special feature of change informs the system that the page has been permanently changed to a new page on your website.

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