Understand how caching works


i try to understand how caching works with cloudflare, but everytime i think i understood something proves me wrong!

  • I have setup the Browser Cache TTL to be 8 days, through the Caching menu. So the entire site has Browser Cache TTL of 8 days.

  • I have create page rules, where i set the entire folder that contains images and css files (which doesn’t change that often) to have Browser Cache TTL: a year, Edge Cache TTL: a month

Through a CURL command, i get expect-ct: max-age=604800, in both homepage and in img files! How is this possible?

Also, considering that I am talking about a web app where users log in daily and sometimes 3-4 times a day, and the updates i made to the website happens every 15-20 days, do you believe that the Browser Cache TTL of 8 days is OK?


That is not a caching header. It’s for Certificate Transparency.


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