Underscore of CNAME TXT record issue

Hi there ,
I am using amazon SES ,when I comply the TXT and CNAME record which is include underscore _ to cloudflare dashbord, it replace _ to space. so actually I can not input the underscore character.
Is there any guy can help me?

like this:
_dmarc.domain.com TXT “V=xxxxxx”
rc5nc3vdtj7abcafsy27ujwa22zpo2im._domainkey.domain.com CNAME xxxxxxxx

I shall use DKIM signature of email, so I dont want to ignore this issue.

I search some old topic on this community before, found that some screenshot shows that it must support _ , strange, why can not of mine? shall I need upgrade to premium service of cloudflare??

thank you!

Works fine for me


Maybe an extension in your browser? Try another profile or browser.

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thank you very much,
it works when I change to firefox browswer,
google chrome browser has problem with this.

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