Underscore CNAME values

I have just transferred registrar from GoDaddy to CloudFlare. And I need to transfer the DNS validation for my AWS Certificate Manager, which have already been validated previously through GoDaddy.

AWS uses a leading underscore, and they have warned that some DNS providers may not support leading underscore, e.g. _a79865eb4cd1a6ab990a45779b4e0b96.yourdomain.com

Can someone tell me if a leading underscore is supported by CloudFlare as CNAME values? I don’t have any issue adding a leading underscore into the DNS record form in CloudFlare, but I an concerned if it’s being ignored (or not supported).

Thank you for your help

Why? Just try it.

Only because at the moment I could not initiate a revalidation from AWS. I would love to retest the validation. I don’t want to wait until a validation on expiry of the certificate failing a year from now when the website is truly live.

Well, if you managed to add the right record, you essentially answered your own question :slight_smile:

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