Under sub-domain that port :8086 is not pointing to server, How to connect to server?

When I configure kisancoop.com.np on cloudflare that link is not working. https://khr.kisancoop.com.np:8086/

Please suggest me

Thank you

That port is not supported by Cloudflare. Use the search for a list of supported ports.

Can anyone help me How to Add 8086 port to khr.kisancoop.com.np (sub-domain)

The subdomain is perfectly pointed to and its working too but under that sub-domain that port is not working.

How to solve this issue ?

Please suggest me.

Thank You

Ehm, precisely what I mentioned eight hours ago.

If you need to use that port you will have to unproxy or use a Worker to rewrite regular requests but that might be paid. Best is you switch to a supported port.

thank you for your suggestion, I am trying to change supported port as Cloudflare recommended.

Thank you

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