Under Firewall Rules- need to Block multiple continents in one rule

Hi, i do have Pro Subscription and i am trying to create Firewall rule and want to Block all continents in one single rule only but when i am adding all continents in one single rule then it doesn’t works. On the other side when i am creating different rules for different continents then it is working. Ultimately i am not able to add all continents in one single rule.

Is there anyone helps me with this? Whether it is possible in Pro Subscription or i need to go with any other subscription pack. Please suggest.

Please post a screenshot of your rule.

Hi @SahilJhamb,

That rule blocks any requests originating from Africa AND Europe AND Tor, which is impossible.

You would have to change the and to or, but really the correct way would be doing an is in comparison and selecting the continents you want blocked.


Thank you so much Albert.
Yes! It is working as you’ve given an idea. At last succeeded.

You’re so helpful, you’re brilliant. :handshake: :clap:

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