Under Edge SSL certificates, no option for order ssl certificate. only order advanced ssl certificate

Hi all, i just added a new site, and would like to order the $5/month Edge SSL Cert. but it only gave me the option for the $10/month Advanced SSL.

Can someone advise?


It looks like their documentation hasn’t caught up with their offerings. The $5 edge cert was useful under the old shared certificate system. Cloudflare’s new free certs are much better, making the $5 certs obsolete. Now it’s just the $10 Advanced Certificate Manager for more specialized certificates.

What was it about the $5 edge cert that interested you?

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Hi sdayman, thanks your reply. The free universal ssl will show that the ssl is issued to sni cloudflare ssl. The $5 dollar edge cert will show that it is issued to the client domain which is sufficient for most websites. The $10 dollars allow coverage of sub domains also which I don’t really need.

I am able to order the $5 dollars edge cert through my main domain. But my other sites doesn’t have this option.

So now I wonder if I should create a new cloudflare account instead of putting all my client sites under the same account by adding new sites. And if I will get the option to buy the $5 dollar certs then.


I’m still unclear on what the concern is with the CN. The old shared certs were cluttered with Alt Names of all the other unrelated domains (most not even mine) that shared the cert. That’s stuff I didn’t want anybody to see. Not that many people would even look, so having sni.cloudflaressl.com isn’t even much of a blip on my radar compared to the shared cert alt names.

Now, every domain I look at in my account show “Order Advanced Certificate” with no mention of the old Dedicated or Custom Hostname certs.

Hi sdayman,

there is no concern technically. it is more of the cost of the ssl cert itself, as i have put the cost up to clients, so i can only either opt for the free universal ssl which is fine, or the advanced cert at $10/month. I can definitely just use universal ssl with the snicloudflare ssl. but the thing is that I used to pay for the $5 dollars dedicated ssl. And just wondering if it meant to be only allowed for 1 dedicated cert ssl per login account? just wondering. because i was expecting that this option will show up when we add new site to the same login account. please see ss below.

Honestly, I’m surprised that shows up for anybody now, as I looked around in my account for this to show up in any of my zones. Maybe because I don’t already have one somewhere. I see from the footer that you already have one, probably on that very domain.

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oh ok. So i guess this is an old option then.
I will just advise client to use the free universal ssl then. no worries.



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