Under DDOS - Help with Updating billing info to upgrade Plan - Ticket#2213890

Hello, I need help on billing. I can’t update a credit card or add a PayPal account. I need to upgrade a plan ASAP for a domain that’s under DDOS. however, I call customer support and no one answers .

I get two error messages: Code 1292 and Code 1258

I’ve created a ticket since yesterday, sent Twitter DMs to Cloudflare support, tried calling and no answer. Please some one that can lend a hand I’d be extremely thankful!

@laurie and @gloria usually aren’t on during the weekend. What’s the ticket #?

And here’s some DDoS info:

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thank you for your response, we have activated the Under attack mode but need more help!

Upgrading a plan would do wonders - we just need help from billing to add a new card and purchase it

We probably can’t help much here, but do the errors offer any information about the problem other than just a code?

Looking at previous threads here, it may be the ‘For security reasons, there is a problem with your billing profile…’ message. If that’s the case, there really isn’t anything we can do.

This would help any staff who happen to be passing through, though:

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Thanks! Ticket #2213890

That’s my hope! that someone from Staff passes through!

I’ve put this topic and your ticket in the escalation queue, that’s normally only reviewed during the week but it may get noticed quicker than this topic.

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@kf1, I know you said you already have under attack mode enabled. What is it you’re trying to gain from a paid plan? Is there any more info you can share about the attack that we may be able to help with? Feel free to open a topic in #security about the issue.


Exactly this, unless you are familiar with firewall rules and such, upgrading to a higher plan won’t help mitigating attacks automatically.

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We need to implement the Web Application Firewall (WAF) , and that’s not on the free tier. We understand that this is part of what we need to implement with rules to mitigate the attacks.

Have you been through the steps here? Under Attack Mode is the top one, and then the WAF is listed second, but you can do a lot with the steps further down.


One thing that will help massively is looking through the attack traffic and seeing if there are any patterns such as country, ASN, User Agent etc. in the requests and then blocking or captcha challenging them.

If you cannot see a pattern, you can try it the other way around, captcha challenge everyone and then look for patterns in your legitimate traffic and allow that through.

You can do this using firewall rules on the free plan.

Some more tips here:


Not quite, the WAF is made to prevent vulnerabilities and other attack vectors, however, HTTP/S DDoS attack mitigation isn’t a core feature of it. It MIGHT help under some DDoS attacks but chances are that you won’t get a difference if the 5-second page didn’t help.

Your best bet in this case are firewall/access rules and rate limit.


Exactly, but we also want to have access to more tools and stats that are available on the Pro version. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really insist because I don’t want you to be disappointed once you get your upgrade, if you need further HTTP DDoS mitigation, what you have on the free plan is what you will have on any paid plan. The main difference is the number of rules you can deploy.

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Hi @kf1,

I checked both your ticket and your account, and I do see that you were able to successfully place an order today. If you continue to see an issue, please reply to the ticket so that our team can investigate and give you answers directly.


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