Under DDOS attack now Googlebot wont crawl my website

My website is since two days under heavily DDOS attack. Most traffic coming from USA. The DDOS bypasses JS Challenge. So I’ve added a firewall rule: (not ip.geoip.country in {“NL” “BE”} then Captcha Challenge. Because of this Googlebot is not able to crawl my website anymore. I did several reversal name lookups but each time the Googlebot has a different IP. I also tried things like http.request.uri.query ne "*.googlebot.com but its all not working. Google wont just crawl my website anymore. Please help me.

Change that to

(not ip.geoip.country in {"BE" "NL"} and not cf.client.bot)

and it should probably work

Thanx mate! That did the job!

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