Under attack? Thousands of JS challenge via Bot Fight mode daily

I just recently noticed that there are several, over thousands of JS challenges via Bot Fight mode from several countries DAILY.
Screenshot from firewall:

Is my site under attack? Can you please check?

Also, I am seeing this screen when accessing Cloudflare apps.

Never had this screen before. It’s not going away after 5 seconds as it says.

Are these two related?

The second one is not going to work due to the message error displayed on the screen, my guess is that the page is being rendered server side on a browser that doesn’t allow cookies.
The first one could be plenty of things, there is no guarantee that they are related, however, bot fight mode is, in fact, very strict and little to no sites can use them at the moment.

I looked up a few of those and they come from Amazon. Seems like they are just advertisement bots from my new Ad networks. Don’t know.

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