Under Attack Mode On | 502 Page

our store is under attack Total Requests 19,211,012 in last 24h
we use Professional PlanChange but notwithstanding we have under attack mode, or store i gone away erro 502 bad gateway…
Anyone know if business plan protect the store always making the pages available?
or any idea?


That would strongly suggest these requests do not go via Cloudflare but connect directly to your server. Make sure your server is configured to only accept connections from Cloudflare, your firewall should only allows through requests from cloudflare.com/ips.

Thank you…
I’ve sent this ip to my hosting administrator.


nothing… always the same

What’s the domain for starters?

Can you definitely confirm your server is not reachable from the outside?

You can also temporarily CAPTCHA challenge all visitors. This will mitigate it, should it still not work, then you’d know that they are circumventing Cloudflare.

what do you think Total Requests 77,431,989 in 7 days … :expressionless:

Depends on your typical traffic. But again, if they circumvent Cloudflare none of the settings will do anything.

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