"Under Attack Mode" not working


I activated “Unter Attack Mode” but when I access to the Site, I don´t see any change (No JS Challenge).

What could be wrong?

Your site might not be on Cloudflare. Or you’ve paused Cloudflare on your site. Or you’ve put yourself on an allow list. Or you’re using a local hosts file and are hitting the origin directly. Maybe you’re going to a completely different site. I’m just guessing here, as you didn’t include a domain name. But lots can go wrong, so it’s pure speculation when there’s not enough info to go on.

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I also activated Firewall Rule to Block User with this IP. But he is still able to access to my Website.

Thanks for your fast reply.

  1. But on Dashboard it diplsay it´s activated. Also I get already statistic for it https://prnt.sc/v2ne3g
  2. I have not paused Cloudflare
  3. I´m not in allow list. This Website is just added (2H Ago) and I didn´t changed anything yet (Only the “Starting” settings)
  4. What you mean with local hosts files? How I can check that?
  5. No I don´t go to different Site. https://prnt.sc/v2ncaj

It’s working for me.

Okay alright, so it´s working. Maybe it´s problem of Cache or something why it´s not working for me.

Anyway, thanks for that fast response.

What about the Problem with the Firewall Rule, any Idea in this Case?

Could be bypassing Cloudflare. Have you firewalled your server so only cloudflare.com/ips can connect?

No I haven´t. So I need to block all IPs expect these Cloudflare IPs on my Server (Linux), right?

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