Under Attack Mode is active, but nothing changed


Under Attack Mode is active

Buy I and other users can`t see any warning or interstitial page from cloudflare.

Why? How to solve this problem?

Thank you



Are you on a partner setup? Only your www record goes through Cloudflare, and hence any security features will work only there.

How to solve? Need add legion.ge.cdn.cloudflare.net with CNAME record?
Now for legion.ge added TXT: cloudflare-verify.legion.ge

You will need to contact your host about that. But it will be difficult to place your naked domain behind Cloudflare as that cant be a CNAME. But again, thats a question for your host in this case.

Alternatively, disable Cloudflare on your host’s side and sign up for a proper account on cloudflare.com.

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I will try…

Thank you for your attention


Settings changed for my other domain mitsubishi-club.ge
Added on cloudflare with verified nameservers

Same problem, I turn on under attack mode, but nothing changed, I do not see any warning page.

The configuration for that domain is correct and IUA is properly in place. Probably a DNS propagation issue on your end, wait a couple of hours.

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Thank you Mr. sandro

My problem solved

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