Under Attack Mode from Mobile Device not working?

Hello! I have a site that has under attack mode on to challenge all of the traffic before letting it through. It has been working fine, and then today it seemed to stop. From a desktop, I get challenged. However, when I try from a mobile device (using a cell network), there is no challenge.

I’ve tried different browsers, clearing cache, etc. Is all that is necessary to bypass the under attack mode a change to the user agent string?


I definitely hit challenges when I’m on cellular. Can you share the domain name? What’s your Challenge Passage time set to? I think it uses cookies instead of just IP so if you pass a challenge on your phone on WiFi and then switch to cellular you might not get challenged again until the time expires. I also wonder if carrier NAT (many cellular customers using the same IPV4 IP) could be a factor, although I think it distinguishes visitors using cookies so I’m not sure.

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