Under Attack Mode enabled. Metamast app browser users see security page keeps redirecting

I enabled the I am under attack mode.
Some investors who use Metamask app browser on Android phones have problems that the security checking page keeps reloading and can’t accces the site.
Do you know why this is happening?

Browsers that block cookies, or otherwise evade detection, aren’t letting Cloudflare save the fact that they passed the challenge.

Under Attack mode is a pretty heavy-handed approach, and should be used sparingly while you work on a more focused approach to blocking the attack.

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Thanks for your reply.
I disabled the attack mode for now.
While the attack mode is enabled, is there a way to detect where/how the major bot attack is coming and add the rule to block them?
I am rather new to Cloudflare, so I was browsing the dashboard but not clear what to do yet.
Is there any detailed instructions for beginners for this caes?



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