Under Attack Mode disconnects streaming server

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First time posting, and searched through and couldn’t find this topic, or not sure exactly what to search.

My client has a live video news website which was built using WordPress. After receiving attacks depending on the topic, we moved behind CloudFlare, and everything has been working well during normal traffic. The problem is any live stream that receives attacks, we use the UnderAttack mode which helps for people to still the website, but the connection to the stream server is lost, so the video feed goes down. Once UnderAttack is disabled, the stream is visible again, but then the attacks are able to go through.

Am I missing any form of IP exceptions that can be added to the UnderAttack mode? The streaming server which is on a separate server is also behind CloudFlare to prevent anyone from attacking the stream directly.

I hope my topic was clear enough, but any questions or suggestions please ask or let me know what I may have missed.

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Under Attack Mode is meant to be temporary. For your situation, toggle it off and use Firewall Rules instead. Make a rule that will JS Challenge if NOT known bots or your video feed. And any other NOT exceptions you need.

Thank You. I will try that and let you know how it goes.

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