Under Attack mode and firewall rules

Hello there.

When I enable Under Attack mode my firewall rules (for example, Allow for ip range) don’t work. That ip range gets “5 seconds page”.

Is there a way to skip security level for specified ip range/user agent/etc?

Not with firewall rules.

You could only go the other way round and not have IUA on, however impose a JavaScript challenge on all requests not matching your specified parameters.

It looks as if it would be great if you added an option to firewall rules “Skip security level” or something like this.

I have a lot landings and they don’t work when IUA because of CORS and Options request returns 503. And I’m not able to whitelist it.

Hence, just approach it from the other end.

Sounds liks a crutch.
But anyway thank you for the idea.

Its not exactly the way you imagined, but I wouldnt call it a crutch either. It achieves the very same thing, just in a different way.

If it was for paths you could change the security level with a page rule, but that wont be applicable here.

IP was just an example.
I’m talking about firewall rules.

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