"Under Attack Mode" and "Firewall Captcha" could not prevent DDOS attacks

In short: we had to block ( NOT challenge) all traffics ( including known bots) from outside our country to protect our website from DDOS. The server survived but many potential users abroad had been blocked. So we would be happier if Under Attack Mode or Firewall Captcha could stop attackers from flooding our website

Long story: 2 hours ago, our server started getting overload in CPU and memory usage. Our team turn on “Under attack mode” as instinct reaction but the server was still struggling, rendering us very confused. After an hour of trying every performance tuning tricks, we found out that we were under abnormal traffic load. A DDOS attack it was! Then it took us an hour to find a work-around above, which we are not very happy about…

Hi @bqt.ctt,

Every attack has different patterns of behavior, and to protect your site you’d have to try to figure out what patterns may be limited or blocked by which Cloudflare tool.

You would increase your chances of getting meaningful suggestions from volunteers in this community if you could share a sample of your origin server access logs, so that we can have a look and perhaps suggest the most appropriate tools to use. Please obfuscate any references about your domain and server IP address before posting.

Alternatively, reading a recent thread about a DDOS where many tools were discussed may perhaps help you with some ideas.


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