Under attack mode and browser checking is longer than 5 second

Sometimes the browser checking feature loading couple times, ray ID changes and and in the result i wait more than 5 second. It looks like double, triple, quadruple browser checking. Is it normal?

  • What browser, browser version and OS are you using?
  • Do you have any browser extensions that might be clearing or manipulating cookies or something with what type of javascript can run?
  • Does it happen with another browser?

Cloudflare’s browser check has many security measures and javascript challenges it associates with the _cfuid cookie stored in your browser, so if it changes or something doesn’t look right to Cloudflare it will reload the interstellar page until it can verify the browser is real.

This behavior, if caused by a cookie/privacy extension, might be the work of an IP failover system perhaps. I imagine Cloudflare wants to support browsers that don’t support cookies or have cookie privacy extensions, so after it sees enough checks from a single IP address with the same browser User Agent it might temporarily whitelist that IP address to not receive an interstellar page.
Note: the above is a theory, your browser might just be failing some challenges for some reason.

I using win 7 and 2 browsers, Chrome: Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Version) (64-bit) and Opera: 55.0.2994.44
I dont think i have something that manipulating cookies.
It happens on both browsers.

Maybe it’s just me. I haven’t got computer format for three years but my pc is free from viruses.

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