Under Attack javascript challenges too frequent

We recently activated Under Attack mode due to Google blocking our site because of too much traffic. The Cloudflare javascript challenges seemed to satisfy Google, without seriously affecting our mostly valid traffic.

Unfortunately, the repeated Cloudflare interstitial challenges are being presented to users every 10-15 minutes while they’re browsing the site, even after they’ve already responded and accessed the site (multiple times during the same session). This also affects our ability to edit and update the site pages, which are WordPress-based and require editing while online.

Is there any way to decrease the frequency of these Cloudflare interstitial challenges for users, so that they’re less annoying? Cloudflare claims their setup to be, “Useful for blocking DDoS attacks with minimal impact to legitimate visitors.”

Most web sites allow users to continue their access to the site after verification of their human status for as long as their session continues. Why does Cloudflare feel a need to make this repetitive and excessive for our users?

Under attack mode is aggressive as it’s designed for use when you are under an heavy attack to give you time to filter and tune more precise rules. It’s not for long term normal use.

You can set the challenge interval here…

Not sure if it changes it for under attack mode (it likely doesn’t, but not sure), but instead setting security level to “high” and a WAF rule to challenge everyone along with adjusting the interval should give you what you want.

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Many thanks for the link and info!

I’ve updated those settings, and will see how that works out.

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