Under Attack disabling social previews

At the advice of the hosting company, I enabled Under Attack mode on a couple of sites. This has reduced the malicious traffic but also has led to some issues with social previews from pages and their blog. When sharing a link, the social preview is essentially the Cloudflare challenge instead of the underlying page or post.

Is there a way to safely have social previews bypass the Under Attack challenge?

“under attack” mode liberally blocks bots.

The social networks use bots to retrieve the social previews before sending the retrieved content in the message/post.

I think “under attack” is intended to be used reactively when genuinely under attack, rather than be switched on all the time.

If left on, I think it could eventually erode your search engine visibility, as that also uses bots.

You’d make a firewall rule for the Known Bots selector (which means friendly bots like GoogleBot) with the Bypass action and then include Security Level in that bypass - since Under Attack Mode is just a security level.

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